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Texas State University

McCoy College Student Finds New Career Paths With Second Degree

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Rachel Blumenthal, a McCoy College accounting undergraduate, is actively pursuing her second bachelor’s degree at Texas State. Rachel originally graduated with her bachelor of science in geophysics from Texas A&M University. 

Around the time Rachel graduated, hiring within the geophysics field was limited. Due to the hiring lag, Rachel took a year and a half off to travel and decide what her next move was going to be. After careful consideration she found herself wanting to go back to school to become an accountant — specifically a forensic accountant. 

Her ambition to become a forensic accountant has led Rachel to major in accounting, as well as double minor in computer science and forensic psychology. She believes that accounting is heading toward a more technology-based future and wants to be ahead of the curve. Rachel says McCoy College is giving her the opportunity to do so by offering forward-thinking classes such as the Accounting Information Systems course. 

Rachel is currently finishing her third semester at Texas State and has found herself more involved and proactive in her academics than ever before. She says she has been much more diligent in attending events put on by the college and has seen how much of a difference it can make in landing an internship and building a professional network. 

Not only has Rachel been more involved academically, she is also currently assisting in ongoing research in McCoy College. While taking a business statistics course last spring, Rachel was approached by Dr. Francis Mendez about participating in a multidisciplinary research project that is seeking ways to reduce injuries associated with repetitive motion found in jobs in the material handling, logistics and supply chain industry. 

Due to Rachel’s prior data programming knowledge, Dr. Mendez thought she would be a perfect fit for the research study. Since starting in May, Rachel has gone from only helping run the motion capturing trials to working with the data to annotate the information gathered.

It was this experience that piqued her interest in data programming and prompted her to apply for an undergraduate research fellowship this past fall. The fellowship, which is available to all undergraduate majors excluding seniors, awards students up to $1,000 to complete research on a topic of their choosing. 

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Rachel was one of 21 students who received the fellowship in fall 2018. She has since used the award to improve upon her knowledge in data programming by writing programs that will help process data in research like the repetitive motion study. 

In addition to on-campus research, Rachel is also a teaching assistant for an introductory computer science class and will be interning for Myers and Stauffer, an accounting firm, for 10 weeks this summer.

Rachel is expected to graduate in fall 2020 and is already thinking about what degree she wants to pursue next. She says she has gone back and forth on whether she wants to enroll in the MAcy program or the master of science in accounting and information technology program upon graduation. 

Interested in taking the next step in your accounting career? Check out the two programs Rachel is looking at!

Master of Accountancy

The MAcy program is focused on producing accounting students broadly educated in business fundamentals, research methodology, accounting concepts and accounting practices.


The Master of Science in Accounting and Information Technology (MSAIT) degree develops interdisciplinary competencies needed to respond to the evolving demands being placed on accountants and information technology professionals in modern organizations.