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Texas State University

The Beginning of a Journey

Dr. Sanjay Ramchander headshot
Dr. Sanjay Ramchander

Since the first moment he set foot on campus, the new Dean of the McCoy College of Business, Dr. Sanjay Ramchander, has been amazed by the beauty of Texas State’s San Marcos Campus and its people. 

“I have found people here to be really engaged in the campus community, and many have gone out of their way to make me feel welcome,” says Ramchander.

But what has truly captivated him is Texas State’s outstanding reputation for student learning and success, the university’s pursuit of research with relevance and its commitment to meet the changing workforce needs of the future. 

“I am excited to be leading the McCoy College of Business, which has such a strong foundation, and to help refine and grow its strategic pillars of excellence,” he declares. 

Growing a Passion for Education

A keen fascination with the role of business and financial markets in the economy would guide Ramchander’s educational journey in the United States. 

After earning his bachelor of commerce at Osmania University in India, Ramchander would find his way to the U.S. to pursue an MBA degree at Saint Louis University, and later a doctor of business administration (DBA) from Cleveland State University.

Those initial experiences as an international student in the U.S., which he recalls with “awe and puzzlement … inspiration and gratitude,” left an indelible and enduring impact on his personal and professional development. “I can remember with much joy how my own life has been vastly enriched from these educational experiences,” recalls Ramchander. 

Driven by the transformative power of higher education in addressing global challenges, Ramchander was motivated to make a difference in the profession. With an intense commitment to the academic profession, he served for nearly two decades as a professor of finance and senior associate for academic programs at Colorado State University. 

A financial economist by training, a Fulbright scholar and reviewer on the Fulbright Scholarship’s Peer Review Committee, Ramchander has an extensive teaching and research portfolio that covers a broad range of subjects in the discipline including applications in investments, international finance and business valuation. Ramchander notes, “My scholarship lies at the intersection of asset pricing and macroeconomic fundamentals, providing insight into the formation and behavior or asset prices in financial, commodity, currency, energy and real estate markets.” 

His professional experiences include teaching a variety of graduate and undergraduate courses, leading students on global experiential study visits, and conducting lectures and workshops to students and faculty at international universities.

Looking Forward

Attracted to the McCoy College of Business because of its student-centered mission, impactful academic programs, research and growing aspiration to be among the leading business schools in the United States, Ramchander “is indeed excited to be a part of a successful growth story, and I am drawn to the promise and potential of the college.”

Committed to a collaborative effort to position the college as mission-driven, values-based and market-focused, Ramchander sees his role as the new dean as designed to facilitate and expand innovative learning opportunities that support education access and success for the college’s students.

Ramchander says he is going to prioritize continuity with the college’s strategic objectives, and fostering an inclusive and diverse learning environment. His goals are to continue attracting diverse and talented students to McCoy College’s programs, to work closely with faculty and staff to provide students with signature experiences through curricular and co-curricular activities, to strengthen and recognize impactful research, and to build a strong sense of community and Bobcat pride.

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly created challenges, Ramchander asserts that “the McCoy College of Business is committed to providing an outstanding education in a safe, healthy and responsible manner. Students should know that faculty are working hard in preparing courses in a variety of learning formats and are eager to welcome them into our academic community.”

Though we live in uncertain times, Ramchander believes “flexibility and resilience will be key markers of success in this environment,” and he asks students to “build character and competence, patience and perseverance, and talent and tenacity in making a difference in their own lives and in the lives of their community.” 

The Man Behind the Dean 

Ramchander has a deep interest in understanding the role of human complexity and institutional structures that drive progress and innovation. He says, “I am intrigued by this notion of ‘consilience,’ where perspectives from different fields bounce and fuse together to provide a common groundwork of explanation and understanding.” 

To balance out his weighty intellectual pursuits, he travels, goes on long walks with his chocolate lab Watson, and enjoys working on his yard.

Undoubtedly, his record of collaborative leadership and courageous transformation, especially with the current global changes occurring, will prove to be pivotal at this important juncture in the college’s history. 


Welcome to Texas State, Dean Sanjay Ramchander!