Program Costs

Having a clear picture of the total cost of a graduate degree program is very important in helping you calculate your return on investment.

We encourage prospective students to compare the cost of the McCoy graduate programs to other AACSB-accredited schools. In doing so you'll see the costs for graduate business programs at Texas State University are extremely competitive, and in some cases the cost of our entire program is lower than the cost per semester at other schools. Coupled with our world-class faculty, locations in both San Marcos and Round Rock, and our elite accreditation, we hope the McCoy College of Business is at the top of your list.

The table below approximates the total cost of each McCoy graduate business program based on the published Fall 2020 tuition and fee rates. While we do our very best to provide accurate information, we encourage you to look at the official university Tuition & Fee rates for exact figures. Please note the amounts in the table below include tuition and fees but do not include the cost of living expenses or textbooks. All McCoy graduate students are subject to the McCoy Graduate Program Fee of $150/credit hour; this fee is included in the figures in the table below.

Our goal is to provide you with clear pricing information so you can make an informed decision. If you have any questions about the cost of attending graduate school please don't hesitate to reach out.

Estimated Total Program Costs

Program Months to Completion Credit Hours Resident Non-Resident
MBA - Full-Time Cohort 16 36 $ 21,466.88 $ 36,190.88
MBA - Flex (no concentration) 24 (average) 36 $ 22,244.88 $ 36,968.88
MBA - Flex (w/concentration) 24 (average) 39 $ 23,919.12 $ 39,870.12
MAcy 12 30 $ 17,759.40 $ 30,029.40
MAcy 16 30 $ 18,178.40 $ 30,448.40
MSAIT 12 36 $ 21,526.88 $ 36,250.88
MSAIT 24 36 $ 22,244.88 $ 36,968.88
MSHRM 12 30 $ 17,759.40 $ 30,029.40
MSHRM 24 30 $ 18,896.40 $ 31,166.40
MSDAIS 12 30 $ 17,759.40 $ 30,029.40
MSDAIS 16 30 $ 18,178.40 $ 30,448.40
MSMRA 12 30 $ 17,759.40 $ 30,029.40
MSMRA 21 30 $ 18,537.40 $ 30,807.40
MSQFE 16 30 $ 18,178.40 $ 30,448.40

International and Out-of-State Students: There are generally two ways to qualify for Resident rates: 1) Applying for and being granted a "Competitive Scholarship" or 2) Working as a Graduate Assistant. You can read more about both here.

A Note Regarding Program Duration & Cost: Each semester you are enrolled at Texas State you will incur certain fees (Transportation Fee, Student Health Center Fee, etc.). Because of this, if you choose to spread your classes out over a longer period of time you will pay more fees.

TXST Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fees are subject to change by legislative or Board of Regents action; changes become effective on the date of enactment.