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International Business

International Business

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This specialization is designed to provide focused study in international business including cultural, historical and political issues. While this emphasis is available to all MBA students, it is especially well suited for undergraduate students in the international studies undergraduate program. This is a 39-credit hour program. 

Tier I Courses (9 hours) 

BA 5351: Organizational Performance for Competitive Advantage (must be first course)

FIN 5352: Financial Management († BA 5351)

BA 5100A**, B and C: Business Professional Development


Tier II Courses (21 hours) 

MGT 5314: Organizational Behavior and Theory (*BA 5351)

QMST 5338: Operations Management (*BA 5351)

MKT 5321: Marketing Management (*BA 5351)

ACC 5361: Accounting Analysis for Managerial Decision Making (*BA 5351 & FIN 5352)

QMST 5334: Advanced Statistical Methods for Business (*BA 5351 & FIN 5352)

ECO 5316: Managerial Economics (*QMST 5334)

MGT 5313: Strategic Management († All Tier II courses, but may be concurrent with some)


Elective Courses (9 hours, select three of the following courses)

BLAW 5368G: Legal Issues in International Business Law

ECO 5310: International Economics

ECO 5320: The Latin American Economics

FIN 5337: International Finance

FIN 5338: International Investments and Financial Management

MGT 5318: Cross-cultural Management 

MGT 5339: International Human Resource Management

MKT 5325: Global Marketing and the Value Chain

MKT 5330: International Marketing

Tier I 9 hours
Tier II 21 hours

Graduate Electives

9 hours

TOTAL MBA 39 hours


* prerequisite course(s)

** BA 5100A taken in first semester; B and C taken in subsequent semesters for a total of 3 credit hours

† prerequisite or can be taken concurrently