General MBA

General MBA

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The General MBA option within the Flex program offers a broad-based education with course work from each McCoy College department: Accounting, Computer Information Systems & Quantitative Methods, Finance & Economics, Management, and Marketing. Students who select this program option may also choose to complete a Thesis.

As with all MBA program options, the General MBA emphasizes the knowledge and skills needed for professional success and is designed for those individuals who expect to pursue careers in the management of organizations in either the public or private sector. This is a 36-hour program consisting of the following:

MBA Flex General

  1. BA 5351: Organizational Performance for Competitive Advantage (must be first course)
  2. BA 5100A**, B and C: Business Professional Development
  3. ACC 5361: Accounting Analysis for Managerial Decision Making (*BA 5351)
  4. QMST 5334: Advanced Statistical Methods for Business
  5. QMST 5338: Operations Management (*BA 5351)
  6. FIN 5352: Financial Management (*ACC 5361)
  7. MGT 5314: Organizational Behavior and Theory (*BA 5351)
  8. ECO 5316: Managerial Economics (*QMST 5334)
  9. MKT 5321: Marketing Management (*BA 5351)
  10. MGT 5313: Strategic Management***

 Graduate Elective Courses (6 hours)

Core Classes 30 hours

Graduate Electives

6 hours

TOTAL MBA 36 hours





* prerequisite course(s)

** BA 5100A taken in first semester; B and C taken in subsequent semesters for a total of 3 credit hours

*** taken in the last semester