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Computer Information Systems

Computer Information Systems

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The flex MBA with an emphasis in computer information systems is designed to give students the opportunity to study how technology is changing the way businesses operate and how to harness the power of technology in various business management settings. This is a 45-credit hour program consisting of the following:

Tier I Courses (9 hours) 

BA 5351: Organizational Performance for Competitive Advantage (must be first course)

BA 5352: Developing the Financial Perspective in Organizations († BA 5351)

BA 5353: Understanding & Analyzing Organizational Problems († BA 5351)


Tier II Courses (30 hours) 

ACC 5361: Accounting Analysis for Managerial Decision Making (*BA 5351 & BA 5352)

CIS 5318: Informational Technology in the Digital Economy (*BA 5351)

CIS 5358: IT Systems Project Management

CIS 5368: Information Security

ECO 5316: Managerial Economics (*QMST 5334)

FIN 5387: Managerial Finance (*BA 5351 & BA 5352)

MGT 5313: Strategic Management († All Tier II courses, but may be concurrent with some)

MGT 5314: Organizational Behavior and Theory (*BA 5351)

MKT 5321: Marketing Management (*BA 5351)

QMST 5334: Advanced Statistical Methods for Business (*BA 5351 & BA 5352)


Elective Courses (6 hours, select two of the following courses)

CIS 5355: Database Management Systems

CIS 5356: Business Telecommunications

CIS 5360: E-Commerce: Strategies, Technologies, and Applications

CIS 5364: Data Warehousing and Mining

CIS 5370: Enterprise Resource Planning

CIS 5390A: Special Topics in CIS - Business Process Modeling

CIS 5390B: Special Topics in CIS - Business Intelligence

Tier I 9 hours
Tier II 30 hours
Graduate Electives
6 hours
TOTAL MBA 45 hours


* prerequisite course(s)

† prerequisite or can be taken concurrently