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Texas State University

Full-Time Cohort

The McCoy master of business administration (MBA) Full-Time Cohort program is a streamlined experience designed for students who wish to complete their MBA rapidly in a group-based format. With afternoon and evening classes the 36-hour* program spans just 16 months.

The Full-Time Cohort program is offered exclusively at the San Marcos Campus. There are no leveling course requirements, and students are accepted from all undergraduate academic disciplines. New MBA cohorts are admitted each fall; there is no spring admission in this program (although we do admit new flex MBA students in the spring).

A Graduate Experience Beyond the Classroom
While there is no denying the importance of a rigorous academic curriculum, the McCoy MBA experience goes beyond the classroom to ensure our graduates have both the hard and the soft skills necessary to excel in today's business environment. Full-Time Cohort MBA students will participate in a study abroad trip which not only provides meaningful international business experience but also affords six hours of elective credit. Cohort MBA students are also required to complete an internship during the program. Professional development opportunities in the form of guest lectures, panel discussions, and business etiquette training are offered on an ongoing basis.

*the credit hour change for the MBA programs is pending approval from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

Full-Time Cohort MBA Sample Degree Plan

Fall 20___ (1st semester in program) (10 credit hours)

_____ BA 5351: “Organizational Performance for Competitive Advantage”

_____ ACC 5361: “Accounting Analysis for Managerial Decision Making”

_____QMST 5334: "Advanced Statistical Methods for Business"

_____ BA 5100A: “Business Professional Development Seminar” (BA 5100B and 5100C also taken in subsequent semesters)

Spring 20___ (10 credit hours)

_____ BA 5352: “Developing the Financial Perspective of the Firm”

_____ ECO 5361: “Managerial Economics”

_____ MGT 5314: “Organizational Behavior and Theory”

_____ BA 5100B: “Business Professional Development Seminar”

Summer 20___ (6 credit hours)

_____ MKT 5321: “Marketing Management”

_____ MGT 5395: “Graduate Business Internship”

Fall 20___ (10 credit hours)

_____ MGT 5313: “Strategic Management”

_____ Study Abroad (exact course TBA each semester)

_____ MGT 5321: “Supply Chain Management”

_____ BA 5100C: “Business Professional Development Seminar”