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CBAPPS 5.03 Evaluating Tenure-Track Faculty for Reappointment


Evaluating Tenure-Track Faculty for Reappointment


The purpose of this document is to establish policies and procedures for the evaluation of McCoy College tenure-track faculty for reappointment. This policy statement is meant to supplement AAPPS 04.02.01 (8.01).


The following outline describes the procedure for evaluation and reappointment of full-time, probationary, tenure-track faculty. The reader should refer to AAPPS 04.02.01 (8.01) for information concerning university expectations and a calendar showing the timing of reappointment decisions. All faculty should also refer to CBAPPS 5.01 for McCoy College expectations concerning teaching, scholarly activity and service.


The departmental chair will call a meeting, as outlined in the Calendar for Evaluation and Reappointment of Tenure-Track Faculty, of the personnel committee to review all tenure-track faculty in the department. Faculty documentation will be made available through the Faculty Qualifications system.

  1. The departmental Chair will preside over the individual reappointment meetings of the personnel committee. After a thorough discussion of each faculty member's teaching, scholarly activity, and service, the personnel committee will vote to reappoint each faculty member for one year, reappoint with final contract, reappoint with terminal contract, or to not reappoint. The personnel committee should elect one of its members to summarize the major points of the evaluation and write the evaluative remarks.
  2. The Chair will meet with each faculty member evaluated and discuss the results of the senior faculty evaluation. This meeting may be done as part of the normal annual review process.


This CBAPPS has been approved by the reviewers listed below and represents the McCoy College of Business Administration policy and procedure from the date of the document until superseded.

Last Update: January, 2021

Review Cycle: E5Y

Next Review Date: Sept 1, 2025