CBAPPS 3.01 Office Hours for Faculty in the McCoy College of Business


Office Hours for Faculty in the McCoy College of Business Administration


The purpose of the following policy is to communicate to faculty in the McCoy College the minimum college requirements for office hours.


AA/PPS 02.02.30 (3.01) Undergraduate Academic Advising Policies

AA/PPS 02.03.01 (4.01) Conduct & Planning of Courses See current Faculty Handbook for additional information.


1. Faculty are expected to schedule and hold a minimum of 30 minutes of office hours per teaching credit hour taught with a maximum of five required office hours per week. The required office hours must follow a set schedule, and the faculty member is expected to announce the schedule to his/her students at the beginning of each semester. The nature of these office hours may vary depending on course format as follows:

2. For each course taught in a traditional classroom setting, a faculty member will set aside at least 50 minutes for face-to-face (FTF) consultation with students each week. Typically, the FTF student consultation office time will be held in the faculty member’s office or elsewhere on the campus at which the course is taught. At the option of the faculty member, any remaining office hours may be held remotely at a scheduled set time using email, digital conferencing software such as Adobe Connect, phone, messaging software, or other electronic means.

3. A faculty member teaching three traditional-format courses (9 credit hours) is therefore expected to hold at least 150 minutes (2 ½ hours) of office hours each week during which students can meet in person with the faculty member.

4. Faculty teaching courses that are 100% online are also expected to hold at least the minimum required number of office hours as specified above. However, the requirement to have time set aside for FTF consultation is waived; instead, the faculty member may hold these hours remotely as described above.

5. Faculty teaching hybrid courses, in which a portion of the course is taught in person with the remaining portion taught online, will schedule a minimum of 30 minutes for FTF student consultation per week for each hybrid course taught. The remaining office hours may be held remotely as described above.

6. Faculty should be flexible in scheduling appointments (in-person or online) with students who may not be able to consult with the professor during normally scheduled office hours. In addition to the scheduled office hours, faculty are expected to respond typically within 48 hours (except weekend and holidays).to all student requests to schedule an appointment


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Last Update: December 5, 2018

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