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CBAPPS 2.03 Syllabus Preparation


Syllabus Preparation


McCoy College is committed to accountability, transparency and open communication with students, parents, legislators, the public, and all other stakeholders. The purpose of this Policy and Procedure Statement is to delineate the responsibilities for syllabus preparation and dissemination by McCoy College faculty.


UPPS 07.10.01 Honor Code

UPPS 07.11.01 Disability Services for Students

AA/PPS 02.03.01 Conduct and Planning of Courses

AA/PPS 02.03.02 Conduct of Classes

AA/PPS 02.03.12 Grades and Changes of Grades

AA/PPS 02.02.20 Maintenance and Improvement of Quality in Teaching


1. Prior to the first day of class, each faculty member will prepare a separate syllabus for each course taught during a given semester. The syllabus will be prepared using the most recent template provided by the McCoy College. Each syllabus will include a brief description of each major course requirement, including each major assignment and examination, a list of any required or recommended reading, a general description of the subject matter of each lecture or discussion, and a reference to the university statement on academic honesty.


1. For each course taught, each faculty member is responsible for disseminating the syllabus as follows:

A. On the first day of class, faculty will provide each student with a copy of the written course syllabus or will direct students to the web address containing the syllabus.

B. Faculty will provide an electronically-formatted copy of all syllabi to the department administrative assistant by the first day of class each semester.

C. All syllabi will be uploaded as an attachment to associated classes within the Faculty Qualifications system by the first day of class each semester.

D. Undergraduate course syllabi will be uploaded to the HB2504 web page by the 7th class day of each semester.


This CBAPPS has been approved by the reviewers listed below and represents the McCoy College of Business Administration policy and procedure from the date of the document until superseded

Last Update: Apr, 2018

Review Cycle: E5Y

Next Review Date: Sept 1, 2022