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CBAPPS 2.02 Undergraduate and Graduate Advising Policies in the McCoy College


Undergraduate and Graduate Advising Policies in the McCoy College


Academic and career advising are important components of the student experience at Texas State. Academic advising is available in the McCoy College CenturyLink Academic Advising Center and the College academic departments for the corresponding major. Career advising may be obtained through University Career Services as well as McCoy College faculty.


AA/PPS No. 02.02.30 Undergraduate Academic Advising Policies See current Faculty Handbook for additional information.


CBAPPS 2.05 Graduation Certification


1. University policy states that advising will be available for each student. The McCoy College provides advising assistance through its Academic Advising Center, major departments and faculty. However, students are ultimately responsible for satisfying graduation requirements whether or not they seek available assistance.

2. Undergraduate:

A. Orientations. The University requires that every new student (freshman or transfer) attend an orientation session. Orientation sessions are provided in a variety of formats depending on the student’s status. In addition to campus tours and information sessions related to university policies, separate McCoy College advising orientation sessions are held. In these business orientationsstudents receive information related to university, college and major requirements. Professional academic advisors in the Academic Advising Center advise students.

B. First Semester Online Workshop. In addition to New Student Orientation, McCoy College requires all students to complete an online workshop provided by the College Academic Advising Center during their first semester of admission to the College. The workshop covers the university honor code and McCoy College values, degree planning, graduation policies, and student involvement. Students that do not satisfy the workshop minimum quiz score or choose not to take it, receive an advising hold and are required to meet with an academic advisor to review missed items before registering for subsequent semesters.

C. Academic Advisors. Students with questions or concerns about their degree plan and academic policies are encouraged to meet with the department chair or the academic advisors in the college Academic Advising Center. Students are expected to meet regularly with their academic advisor for degree planning. Student and advisor responsibilities are published each semester in the McCoy College Academic Advising Syllabus.

D. Restricted Status. Any business student whose Texas State GPA drops below a 2.0 in any long semester or summer term is placed on restricted status by McCoy College. Business majors on restricted status must increase their Texas State GPA to at least 2.0 in the subsequent semester (or summer term) or their admission to the College will be voided. Students are required to meet with an advisor in the McCoy College Academic Advising Center to remove probation holds automatically placed by the university; otherwise, the hold will prevent registration or schedule changes. When a student’s admission is voided he or she may regain admission to the college by going through the application process and competing with other applicants for openings once he or she returns to good standing. McCoy College students with a Texas State GPA below a 2.0 are also subject to the university probation and suspension policies available in the undergraduate catalog.

E. Course Tracking Forms. Course tracking forms for each major in the McCoy College are developed and maintained by the director of the Academic Advising Center using the curriculum published in the catalog and are distributed to students at orientation. These forms are also available in the Academic Advising Center, departmental offices and the Advising Center Web site. A course tracking form lists all required courses necessary to receive a business degree for a specific major. The reverse side of the course tracking form lists the "recommended" curriculum and course sequence for all four years of study leading to graduation.

F. Degree Audit Report. A Degree Audit Report may be accessed electronically by each admitted student using CatsWeb. Degree Audit Reports are unofficial until reviewed by an academic advisor. Students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor in the Academic Advising Center shortly after their admission to the College to verify degree requirements.

G. Graduation Application. All students are required to apply for graduation during the first week of classes for the semester after which they intend to graduate. The graduation application is available online through CatsWeb. At the time of application, the student’s Degree Audit will be checked to make sure that the student meets all requirements necessary to graduate. (Please see CBAPPS 2.05.)

3. Graduate:

A. Advising is available to all graduate business students in the McCoy Graduate School of Business.

B. An official degree audit is available in Degree Works for all students accepted into the McCoy Graduate School of Business. The degree audit lists all background and core courses required for the student's degree. The degree audit also specifies the number of graduate business electives required for the degree.

C. Deviations from the official degree outline must be approved by the graduate academic advisor, the Program Director, the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, and the dean of the Graduate College.

D. Graduate students whose graduate grade point average (the GPA earned on graduate core and elective courses only) drops below 3.0 are placed on academic probation.

E. Any student enrolled in a graduate degree program in the McCoy College of Business Administration can earn no more than two grades of C or lower. Even if the grade of C or lower was replaced with a higher grade as a result of repeating the course, the original grade counts as one of the two allowed C grades under this policy. Upon earning the third C (or lower), the student is automatically placed on academic suspension and permanently dismissed from his/her degree program without any possibility of readmission to the program or another degree program in McCoy College.


This CBAPPS has been approved by the reviewers listed below and represents the McCoy College of Business Administration policy and procedure from the date of the document until superseded.

Last Update: Apr. 11, 2018

Review Cycle: E5Y

Next Review Date: Sept 1, 2022