Meghan Bates

Corporate Community Programs Specialist, MURAL
April 19, 2021

Meghan Bates

Meghan Bates is a Texas State alumna working in the tech and innovation sector to help underrepresented communities develop skills and opportunities in STEM. She graduated in 2015 with a dual degree in Public Relations and Spanish. She currently works for MURAL and has worked in Marketing and Community Management for more than 6 years.

Previously, Meghan managed outreach and communications for the Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTM) as Vice President of Marketing. The organization’s main goal is to bridge the gap between Austin’s growing tech sector and the decreasing, marginalized populations in Austin. As the pandemic began, Meghan and AUTM’s organization helped supply computers and software to families in East Austin, connecting everyday people to K-12, higher-education, and post-graduate opportunities. 

Meghan has also led marketing accounts in the missile-and-defense industry as well as in the public sector. In all that she does, Meghan seeks opportunities that align with her values and sense of purpose.

Meghan is a 6th-generation Texan with a passion for travel. When not quarantined in Austin, Meghan often visited China along with Central and South America. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family, Cajun and Tex-Mex cuisine, and hiking with her dog, Hatch. ✯

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