Graduate Business Internships

Participating in a graduate business internship is a great way to gain real-world experience. It also affords you the opportunity to expand your professional network and transition into full-time employment.

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  • MBA & MSHRM Internships

    • Yes, both MBA and MSHRM students are eligible to perform an internship as an elective credit. The course that provides credit for your internship is MGT-5395 and you must be approved for this course before you can register for it.

      In order to be considered for MGT-5395 you must:

      • Be enrolled in the MBA or MSHRM program
      • Have 12 credit-hours completed towards your degree, or 9 hours completed if your undergraduate degree was in a business discipline (BBA or similar). This credit requirement includes courses you are currently registered in, so if you have 6 hours completed and are enrolled in 6 hours in the semester before your internship, you can still apply for the course.
      • Have a graduate GPA of at least 3.0 and be in good academic standing (not on academic probation)
      • Enroll in no more than two (2) additional courses during the semester you are performing your internship
    • If it's related to your degree and not a clerical or administrative position it will probably work. Internships that involve phone sales, repetitive office/administrative work, or pouring coffee can't be approved. A good test of an internship is: Would you brag about it on your resume? If you would, then it's probably a good one.

    • Either way. Some graduate students know exactly what company they want to intern with and that makes it easy. On the other hand, some students need help locating an internship and we are happy to support you in your efforts. Reach out and let us know if we can help.

    • Yes, the only additional requirement being that your internship needs to be clearly related to your concentration.

    • In some cases, yes. The key to approving an internship with your current employer is demonstrating that your internship is not related to what you do for your regular job. If you work in HR you can't do an HR internship, even if the specific project is different than what you do. On the other hand, if you work in sales and want to do a finance- or marketing-related internship for your company, that would probably work.

    • Email Matt Painter,

    • No, the internship course is extremely flexible. Even though the course (MGT-5395) will be on your transcript once, in one semester, your actual internship can be shorter than the semester, longer than the semester, or span multiple semesters.

    • Your internship must be approved by the course instructor prior to enrollment. The specifics of each internship can (and do) vary. Essentially, you need to be performing graduate-level tasks; low-level clerical, administrative or maintenance tasks aren't what this course is about. Additionally, your internship must provide a minimum of 200 documented work hours in order to be eligible. Internships can be paid or unpaid- that's between you and your host company.

    • Both domestic and international students can do an internship for credit. We can also assist international students with the paperwork/requirements for CPT at the same time.

    • Start by filling out this form. In addition to the course application form we'll need two things: A job description and an offer letter (or email). If you have those currently and want to submit them with the form, that's great but it's not necessary. If you want to submit the course application form now and your job description and offer letter later that's fine too.

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Other Internship Resources

Each graduate program has their own internship guidelines, please check the links below for your respective program.