Master of Science in Marketing Research & Analysis

Required Core Courses (24 hours) 

BA 5352: Developing the Financial Perspective of the Firm

MKT 5321: Marketing Management

MKT 5322: Marketing Research Methods

MKT 5323: Qualitative Research in Marketing

MKT 5340: Digital Marketing

MKT 5345: Marketing Analytics

MKT 4350: Strategic Marketing Analysis and Planning

QMST 5334: Statistical Methods for Business


Graduate Electives (6 hours; select two of the following courses) 

ACC 5361: Accounting Analysis for Managerial Decision Making

CIS 5355: Database Management Systems

CIS 5358: IT Systems Project Management

CIS 5360: E-commerce: Strategies, Technologies, and Applications

CIS 5370: Enterprise Resource Planning

FIN 5387: Managerial Finance

MC 5308: Seminar in Advertising and Public Relations

MGT 5310: Organizational Change Movement

MGT 5311: Process Improvement Management in Organizations

MGT 5321: Supply Chain Management 

MGT 5325: Managing Business Creativity

MKT 5330: International marketing (MC)

MKT 5331: Integrated Marketing Communications

MKT 5335: Services Marketing

MKT 5395: Independent Study in Marketing

MKT 5398: Internship in Marketing 

PSY 5321: Multivariate Statistics

QMST 5335: Forecasting and Simulation

QMST 5336: Analytics

QMST 5343: Data Mining

Thesis Option

Students can choose the thesis option which would require the same required core courses but six hours of thesis credit instead of the above graduate electives.

Required Core Course 24 hours
Graduate Electives
6 hours
TOTAL MSMRA 30 hours