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Texas State University

Master of Science in Human Resource Management

Required Core Courses (18 hours) 

BA 5351: Organizational Performance for Competitive Advantage

MGT 5330: Seminar in Human Resource Management

MGT 5336: Compensation and Benefits

MGT 5337: Organizational Staffing

MGT 5338: Human Resource Development

MGT 5339: International Human Resource Management


Graduate Electives (12 hours; select four of the following courses) 

BLAW 5310: The Employment Relationship

MGT 5310: Organizational Change Management

MGT 5311: Process Improvement Management in Organizations

MGT 5312: Seminar in Management

MGT 5315: New Venture Management

MGT 5318: Cross-Cultural Management

MGT 5321: Supply Chain Management

MGT 5325: Managing Business Creativity

MGT 5335: New Venture Launch (*MGT 5315)

MGT 5375: International Management - Latin America

MGT 5380: Special Topics in Management

MGT 5390: Business Research Methods

MGT 5391: Managing the Communication Process

MGT 5395: Graduate Business Internships (†)

Required Core Course 18 hours
Graduate Electives
12 hours
TOTAL MSHRM 30 hours


* prerequisite course(s)

† prerequisite or can be taken concurrently