Master of Science in Data Analytics & Information Systems

Required Core Courses (24 hours) 

CIS 5355: Database Management Systems

CIS 5357: Computing for Data Analytics

CIS 5364: Data Warehousing

CIS 5367: Machine Learning

QMST 5332: Optimization

QMST 5334: Statistical Methods for Business

QMST 5335: Forecasting and Simulation

QMST 5336: Analytics


Graduate Electives (6 hours; select two of the following courses) 

CIS 5358: Agile Project Management for Business Professionals

CIS 5369: Independent Study in Computer Information Systems

CIS 5370: Enterprise Resource Planning and Business Intelligence

CIS 5390: Topics in Computer Information Systems

CIS 5390C: Statistical Computing

CIS 5395: Internship in Computer Information Systems

GEO 5301: Multivariate Quantitative Methods

GEO 5418: Geographic Information Systems I 

GEO 5419: Geographic Information Systems II 

HIM 5311: Informatics, Analytics, and Data Use

HIM 5340: Healthcare Informatics

IE 5310: Advanced Statistical Design of Experiments for Engineers

IE 5340: Applied Deterministic Operations Research for Engineers

IE 5343: Non-Linear Optimization Techniques for Engineers

IE 5398C: Data-Intensive Analysis and Simulation for Engineers

MGT 5311: Process Improvement Management in Organization

MGT 5321: Supply Chain Management 

MKT 5322: Marketing Research Methods

MKT 5323: Qualitative Research Methods

MKT 5340: Digital Marketing

MKT 5345: Marketing Analytics

QMST 5342: Probability and Statistic Models

QMST 5343: Data Mining 

QMST 5390: Topics in Quantitative Methods

QMST 5390A: Statistics Computing

QMST 5395: Internship in Analytics

Required Core Course 24 hours
Graduate Electives
6 hours