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Texas State University

February 25, 2020: Art Markman

Director, IC² Institute and Annabel Irion Worsham Centennial Professor of Psychology and Marketing, The University of Texas at Austin

Dr. Art Markman, the Annabel Irion Worsham Centennial Professor of Psychology and Marketing, was appointed director of the IC² Institute at The University of Texas at Austin, effective Dec. 1, 2018. IC² is a think-and-do tank that focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship. The current mission of the institute is to explore rural and small city economic development in Texas, the US, and around the world.

Markman has published more than 150 scholarly works about cognitive science, decision-making, and organizational behavior. He is also the founding director of the Human Dimensions of Organizations program in the College of Liberal Arts, which teaches current and future leaders in business, the nonprofit sector, government and the military about how people, groups, and cultures influence the workplace.

Beyond the UT campus, he is probably best known as the co-host of KUT’s “Two Guys on Your Head” radio show and podcast, where he and Butler School of Music professor, Bob Duke, explore the human mind with a unique mix of research, humor and everyday relevance.

Selected books by Art Markman include Bring Your Brain to Work (2019), Open Innovation: Academic and Practical Perspectives on the Journey from Idea to Market (2016), Brain Briefs (2016), Smart Change (2014), and Smart Thinking (2012).