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Ross Wood headshot

Preparing for the Career Expo

Monday, 3/1, 12-1 pm

Meeting ID: 976 1400 0942
Passcode: BLW2021

Ross Wood headshot

Preparing for the Career Expo

Tuesday, 3/2, 5:30 - 6:30 pm

Meeting ID: 947 2457 8332
Passcode: BLW2021

Danielle Duell
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Professional Development Seminar - Danielle Duell

"Purposeful Career Planning in a Dynamic World"

Postponed, New date TBA

Meeting ID: 961 3196 4607 | Passcode: BLW2021

Louis Pasteur is credited with the saying "Chance favors the prepared mind."  2020 has reminded us of the uncertainty and complexity of the world we live and work in.  Many career pathways are a reactive product of a series of coincidences that don't always lead us to a life we love. How might we proactively prepare ourselves to undertake dynamic career journeys that provide meaning and purpose AND foster our personal and professional resilience?  
Hosted by Danielle Duell from People With Purpose, in this session Danielle will:

  • share the benefits of clarity of purpose for both organizations and individuals
  • introduce a series of individual reflective exercises to uncover clues to your personal purpose
  • walk through an ideation framework that can be used to identify options for your ideal next role that align with your purpose
  • provide guidance on next steps to secure your ideal next role and embark on a purposeful career
  • respond to audience questions in a live Q&A

Registered participants will be granted electronic access to the resources shared in the session after the event.

Marissa Tarleton

Keynote Address - Melissa Tarleton

Postponed, New date TBA

Meeting ID: 918 1135 6750 | Passcode: BLW2021

Marissa Tarleton is the President at Aceable, where she leads day-to-day operations for the Austin based edtech startup, including Product, Engineering, Marketing, Sales and Legal. Prior to Aceable, she served as the CEO at RetailMeNot and RX Saver. She joined RetailMeNot as the CMO in 2015. She has demonstrated leadership in building digital marketplaces that benefit both consumers and brands. Marissa has over 20 years of e-commerce and marketing leadership experience for companies including RetailMeNot, RxSaver by RetailMeNot, Dell, and Ogilvy & Mather. She was named a top 50 CMO on the inaugural Forbes CMO Next list in 2018, is a member of YPO Austin, and is a 2020 Henry Crown Fellow of the Aspen Institute. She is on the McCombs School of Business Advisory Council and the Women@Austin Advisory Council.  She earned her BA from Colgate University and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin.

Loreal Jiles
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Professional Development Seminar - Loreal Jiles

"Career Success in the Digital Age"

Postponed, New date TBA

Meeting ID: 984 1757 6375 | Passcode: BLW2021

Data surrounds us. Automation is here. Our role is evolving. The future is now. Every business major is and will continue to be impacted because digital technology is redefining the way business professionals work and deliver value. Join us as Loreal Jiles shares the impact digital technology is having on business roles, provides a glimpse inside a leading Robotic Process Automation tool, and explains how gaining technical competencies can ensure your career success.

Career Expo

Career Expo

Tuesday, 3/9, 12-4 pm

This event will take place entirely through Handshake, check out this article for an extensive overview. You will be able to interact with employers in two ways:

  1. Group sessions - these 30 minute sessions are an opportunity to learn more about the organization and the opportunities they are currently hiring for.
  2. One-on-one sessions - these ten minute time blocks are an opportunity to meet 1-1 with a representative to ask in-depth questions regarding their available full-time positions or internships. As well as the chance to share your experience and sell your skills.

*PLEASE NOTE: employers may set qualifications for the 1-1 sessions, so be sure to complete your Jobs4Cats profile with a GPA and work authorization status*

Dr. Stephanie Solansky
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Professional Development Seminar - Dr. Stephanie Solansky

"Decision-Making Processes and Pitfalls"

Postponed, New date TBA

Meeting ID: 948 0299 6865 | Passcode: BLW2021

This virtual workshop will include coverage of key decision-making concepts, including intuitive decision-making, rational decision-making, and decision-making biases. The workshop will be intentionally practical and hands-on as participants will work through a strategic and objective process to assist in making major life decisions.

Dr. Joan Ball

Professional Development Seminar - Joan Ball

"Transitioning from College to Career, Building Resilience and Navigating a Career in Uncertain Times"

Postponed, New date TBA

Meeting ID: 970 1495 1103 | Passcode: BLW2021

Joan Ball is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the Tobin College of Business at St. John's University and founder of WOMB Service Design Lab, both located in New York City. Her research and service design practice center on developing and delivering transformative services that build resilience and lead to delight. She is particularly interested in the influence of transitions, technology and culture on leadership development, lifelong learning and human wellbeing.