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Texas State University

Distinguished Alumni

Texas State University has honored 34 Distinguished Alumni and one Young Alumni Rising Star from the College of Business

Since the inception of the award in 1959, only 208 of Texas State's over 184,000 alumni have been recognized with the Distinguished Alumni Award.  The first award was presented to Senator Lyndon B. Johnson, who later served as thirty-sixth President of the United States of America.  To this day, Lyndon B. Johnson's legacy inspires excellence at Texas State University as it maintains the unique distinction of being the only university in Texas to have graduated a U.S. President. 

The award recognizes graduates who have achieved prominence and distinction in their chosen business, profession or life work, on a national or international level. The leadership shown by these alumni inspires all members of the Texas State community.

Federico Gorbea, 2019 Distinguished Alumnus

Federico Gorbea

B.B.A., Finance '85
President, North Latin America Agriculture Services and Oil Seeds, Archer Daniels Midland Co.
Mexico City, Mexico

Jon David "J.D." Perez, 2019 Young Alumni Rising Star

J.D. Perez

B.B.A., Computer Information Systems & Management '05
Corporate Head, Retail and Visual Merchandizing
Hugo Boss, Mexico


Mark E. Adams, B.B.A., Marketing '85 – Co-founder, Sozo Global, Inc.

Karen V. Carroll, B.B.A., Finance '88 – Vice President/General Auditor, 3M

Tracy L. Porter, B.B.A., Accounting, '79 – Executive Vice President, CMC Operations


Kenneth R. Huewitt, B.B.A., Accounting '85 – Vice President of Finance and Administration and CFO, Texas Southern University

Deborah J. Kissire, B.B.A., Accounting '79 – retired EY Partner

Michael A. Raiford, B.B.A., C.I.S. '90 – Corporate Vice President, FAB Engineering, Samsung


Scott R. Emerson, B.B.A., '75 – Founder and CEO, The Emerson Group


The Honorable Nelva G. Ramos, B.S., Business Education '87 – U.S. District Court Judge, Southern District of Texas

Rodney C. Keller, Jr., B.B.A., '81 – President, Segway, Inc.


Robert L. Grogan, B.B.A., '70 – retired Alaska State government, Artist and Photographer

John H. McCall, B.B.A., '70 – Co-founder, Farouk Systems, Inc.


Robert T. Roddy Jr., B.B.A. '66 – President, Bensco, Inc.


S. Blake Ratliff, B.B.A., Accounting '84 – Manager, external integration, International Space Station Program


Daymon Muehl,* B.B.A. '61 – Enjoyed a 34 year career with Humble Oil and Refining Company, National advertising coordinator, Exxonmobil


Darren B. Casey, B.B.A. '81 – Founder and President, Casey Development, Ltd.

William R. King, B.B.A. '58 – Founder, Crown Worldwide, Inc.


Paul W. Carlisle, Jr., B.B.A. '71 – President, Wells Fargo's Texas Region

Douglas L. Foshee, B.B.A. '82 – Founder and Owner, Sallyport Investments, LLC


Dr. Jerry Fields, B.B.A. Marketing, '69 – Founder, Chairman, CEO, J.D. Fields & Company


Robert G. Roberts, B.B.A. '74 – Sr. VP. National Managing Director at USI ERMG

Ralph B. Rushing, B.B.A. '69 – retired, Nelnet Corporation


Gary V. Woods, B.B.A. '65 – President and CEO, Red McCombs Enterprises

* - deceased


J. Dan Bates, B.B.A. '66 – President and CEO, Southwest Research Institute

Jim T. Brown, B.B.A. '61 – honored as Worthy Grand Master, Kappa Sigma Fraternity


T. Paul Bulmahn, B.B.A. '78 – Founder and President, ATP Oil & Gas Corporation


Brigadier General Christopher J. Luna, B.B.A. '65

Brigadier General F. Randall Starbuck, B.B.A.,, Finance '71 – U.S. Air Force


Eugene E. Woolsey, B.B.A. '69 – Co-founder, The Erv Woolsey Company


Charles A. Austin, B.B.A., Management '91 – Olympic Gold Medalist, NCAA Champion


John B. Roberts, Jr., B.B.A. '67 – retired, President and Chairman, Anheuser Busch Entertainment Corporation


Clovis R. Barker, '58 – leader in Texas banking organizations


Barry G. Andrews, B.B.A. '69 –  Owner, Andrews Distributing Company