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Overview of Services

+ Strategy

Let's discuss your goals and our recommendations.

We'll work with you to craft effective marketing and communications that reflect the McCoy College brand, starting with assessment of your audiences and your objectives. Then together we can determine tactics, budgets, and metrics for results.

We offer graphic design, photography, videography, writing / editing, web development, and industry-leading social media engagement. We also serve as McCoy College's liaison to both University Marketing and University Communications — and we are your liaison to Texas State's preferred vendors for all types of projects.

Print + Digital

Promotional Materials
for Departments and Programs

New designs, updates, or reprints of existing pieces.

Website Development, Design, or Review
We can build or redesign your site(s) for the best possible user experience.

Promotional Video Production
for Departments and Programs

Scripted or interview-style, we create video content tailored to your audience.

Publication Review
We can review department / program materials for clarity, quality, and Texas State style, and we ensure alignment with McCoy College branding.

Everything We Can Do


  • Audience Assessment  [ more info ]
  • Audience-Focused Messaging
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Compliance
  • Brand Review
  • Communication Strategy
  • Consultations
  • Print / Digital Media Strategy
  • Publication Review
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Website Review


  • Content Writing + Copyediting
  • Department / Program Materials 
  • Department / Program Video Production
  • Event Promotion Materials
  • Graphic Design
  • Large Format Displays / Banners, Signs
  • Multimedia Digital Content: Digital Monitors
  • Photography
  • Print Materials: Brochures, Handouts, Posters
  • Program Gift Items / Collateral Design 
  • Recruitment Materials
  • Website Development + Web Design


  • Department / Program Promotion
  • Events Calendar
  • Event Promotion
  • Feature Stories and Highlights:
    Alumni, Faculty, Staff,
    and Student Achievements
  • Major Announcements
  • Media Relations + Media Releases
  • Newsroom
  • Public Relations
  • Publication Announcements
  • Scholarly Research Highlights
  • Storytelling

The Office of Marketing and Communications addresses project requests on a case-by-case basis, prioritizing college-level responsibilities, as time and workload allow. We may decline project requests that fall outside our scope or in cases when we cannot meet a timeline or budget. We strongly recommend submitting requests as early as possible.

Let's get started.

Outside Our Scope

The Office of Marketing and Communications (MarCom) is responsible for strategic and tactical promotion of the McCoy College of Business. We do not fulfill requests that fall outside of that scope. Contact us to discuss appropriate steps for these requests:

  • Business Cards
  • Campus-wide Emails
  • Certificates, Plaques, and Awards
  • Classroom Materials
  • Department / Program Newsletters
  • Department / Program Event Planning
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Directory Management
  • Individual Faculty / Staff Promotional Materials
  • Individual PowerPoint Presentations
  • Letterhead or Stationary
  • Media Planning + Buying
  • Minor Announcements
  • Trademarks + Licensing
  • University-wide Communication Channels

Our Primary Responsibilities

The Office of Marketing and Communications supports the McCoy College of Business by serving these principal roles:

  • Strategy
    Develop marketing and communications strategy for the McCoy College of Business to drive increased awareness and engagement with internal and external audiences.
  • Brand
    Ensure brand and messaging quality and consistency and establish guidelines to apply across all departments, programs, activities, and events.
  • Digital
    Plan and deploy digital strategies via website, online campaigns, email marketing, social media, and digital content production.
  • Department Alignment
    Advise college departments and units on effective marketing strategies to meet goals in alignment with college branding and strategic communications plan.
  • Graduate Programs
    Drive marketing campaigns that increase the visibility and enrollment success of graduate programs.
  • Publications
    Manage all aspects of the college's print and digital communications, including college publications, reports, newsletters, magazines, website, and social media.
  • Signature Events
    Oversee the planning, promotion, and execution of signature events for the McCoy College of Business. Establish and cultivate key relationships and partnerships with both internal and external community members and organizations.
  • University Marketing
    Develop and coordinate marketing activities in collaboration with the Office of University Marketing.
  • University Communications
    Develop and coordinate media relations with the Office of University Communications.

Audience Assessment

Understanding your audience is crucial. In fact, it's the key to everything in marketing and communications. When you consider the interests of your audience, you are far more likely to understand how messaging will be received, as well as which types communication and marketing platforms will be most effective. When you don't consider your audience, there is a strong possibility that your messaging will perform poorly — or worse, it could drive away some of your audience.

With that in mind, audience assessment should be your first step in any marketing or communication task, before you even determine your subject matter or your goals. Yes, really: consider audience before subject matter or goals.

We would love to help you reach audiences more effectively. Use the Project Request link above to get started with a consultation.

Marketing and Communications

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