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2018 Frontiers in Service Conference

The McCoy College of Business at Texas State University was pleased to host the 2018 Frontiers in Service conference on September 6 – 9 in Austin, Texas. The conference hosted attendees from 32 countries presenting their latest work on a variety of important service topics such as service technology, Base of the Pyramid service, service design, transformative service research, customer experience, service strategy, service management, financial well-being, health care, social media, service innovation and service failure. Selected plenary conference speakers brought unique perspectives to how service can improve lives.

Marketing faculty, Drs. Raymond Fisk, Linda Alkire, Sidney Anderson and Steven Rayburn were conference co-chairs for the conference.

The event was held at the Hilton Austin and featured 17 plenary speakers and 145 presentations held over the four day conference. Brian McCoy and Meagan McCoy Jones were among the plenary speakers which included academics, business and healthcare professionals.

The conference was the largest conference ever hosted by Texas State University.

Please visit the conference website for more detailed information and photos of the event.