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MBA Core Course Coordinator Committee

Serves in an advisory capacity to the Associate Dean for Graduate Business Programs. Coordinates the assessment of the quality of the MBA Program. Works with the Graduate Policies Committee to evaluate approaches to assessing student learning outcomes in the core courses. Selects and implements assessment methods. Reports results and recommendations to the Graduate Policies Committee.

 Membership 2018-19

Term Expires

ACC Dr. Robert Rutledge 8-31-21
CIS/QMST Dr. Rasim Musal 8-31-21
  Dr. Vivek Shah 8-31-21
FIN/ECO Dr. Yao-Yu Chih 8-31-21
  Dr. Ivilina Popova 8-31-21
  Dr. Wendy You 8-31-21
  Dr. Dean Showalter 8-31-21
MGT Dr. Indu Ramachandran 8-31-21
  Dr. Dennis Smart 8-31-21
MKT Dr. Vishag Badrinarayanan 8-31-21
  Dr. Brian Miller, Chair  
  Dr. Bill Chittenden (ex-officio)