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Ethics, Diversity and Sustainability Committee

Evaluates diversity and ethical issues in the College and develops recommendations for enhancement. Works with the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee and Graduate Policies Committee to ensure adequate coverage of concepts related to diversity and ethics in the curriculum. Initiates programs to educate and enhance awareness of diversity and ethical issues.

 Membership 2018-19

Term Expires

ACC Ms. Lyudmyla Krylova 8-31-19
CIS/QMST Dr. Lucian Visinescu 8-31-21
FIN/ECO Dr. Muxin Zhai 8-31-19
MGT Dr. Matari Gunter 8-31-21
MKT Mr. Wayne Noll 8-31-21
  Dr. Janet Hale, Chair (ex-officio)  
  Mrs. Judy Dietert (ex-officio)