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College Review Group

Reviews the documentation of candidates for promotion and/or tenure. Discusses each candidate and votes by ballot to approve or disapprove each of the candidates.

Membership 2018-19

Term Expires

ACC Dr. Robert Rutledge 8-31-19
  Dr. Janet Butler (alternate) 8-31-20
  Dr. Ann Watkins  
CIS/QMST Dr. Francis Mendez 8-31-20
  Dr. Vivek Shah (alternate) 8-31-20
  Dr. Ju Long  
FIN/ECO Dr. Ivilina Popova 8-31-21
  Dr. Ha-Chin Yi (alternate) 8-31-21
  Dr. Ruby Kishan  
MGT Dr. Eric Kirby 8-31-21
  Dr. Cecilia Temponi (alternate) 8-31-21
  Dr. Paula Rechner  
MKT Dr. Gail Zank 8-31-19
  Dr. Ruth Taylor (alternate) 8-31-19
  Dr. Ray Fisk  
Dean Dr. Denise Smart, Chair (non-voting)