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College Research Enhancement Program Committee

The College Research Enhancement Program Committee reviews and ranks proposals submitted to the University Faculty Research Committee and awards research grants to the approved proposals. Only Academically Qualified faculty are eligible to serve. Members of the committee are ineligible to submit proposals during their tenure. The chair of the committee is appointed by the Faculty Senate for a 3-year term.

 Membership 2017-18

Term Expires

ACC Dr. Linda Campbell 8-31-20
CIS/QMST Dr. Muzaffer Musal 8-31-18
FIN/ECO Dr. Jim LeSage 8-31-18
MGT Dr. Kay Nicols 8-31-18
MKT Dr. Anna Turri 8-31-20
  Dr. Ivilina Popova, Chair (non-voting)
  Appointed by the Faculty Senate