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February 27, 2018: Scott Emerson

Scott Emerson, Founder, Chairman & CEO, The Emerson Group

Mr. Emerson is the founder and CEO of The Emerson Group and its subsidiaries, Emerson Healthcare and Emerson Marketing. The Emerson Group is a forward-thinking Consumer Products Equity Organization. Emerson Healthcare is a consumer products logistics solutions provider. Emerson marketing is a consumer products marketing organization. Mr. Emerson has 30 years experience with companies including Johnson & Johnson, Unilever and Novartis Consumer Health. He has held senior management positions in Fortune 500 companies within brand management, new business development, sales operations and field sales.

The Emerson Group, with its field sales infrastructure of 10 regional offices, manages CPG brands in excess of $1.9 billion, and holds equity positions with small and medium-size brands. It also operates internationally, providing partners in the European, South American and Asian Pacific regions with the expertise and infrastructure necessary to successfully penetrate the U.S. market. The company provides a range of services including its core competency: Account headquarters and Field Sales management.

Emerson Healthcare is the industry's turnkey logistics solution delivering on-time and complete shipments, single purchase orders for multiple products, single point of contact for multiple vendors and reduced processing costs.

The Emerson Marketing division partners with industry-leading experts to leverage data and shopper insights on behalf of Emerson clients and supports Emerson filed sales with up-to-the-minute category and brand information.