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October 31, 2017: David Graffagnini

Co-Founder of PerkUp

David Graffagnini’s sights of being an entrepreneur began at a young age watching his parents found several hospices in both Texas and Arkansas while living in Texarkana. After moving to San Marcos to pursue a degree in communications from Texas State University, Graffagnini began not only working for Under Armor but investing in their stock at the same time. It was while sitting in class at Texas State that he sold his shares for an increase in value of over 650%. 

In 2014, Graffagnini took a job heading up Katz Coffee’s in the Austin to San Antonio Region where he managed over 100 accounts throughout the Central Texas area.  It was during his experiences with Katz’ Coffee that the concept of PerkUp began to form. He opened his first store at the age of 26.

As a proud bobcat and active member San Marcos community Graffagnini takes pride in providing a very people-first culture to the business with an emphasis on providing quick and consistent service.