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Undergraduate Assurance of Learning

Members of the McCoy College Assessment Committee are listed on the Assessment Committee link. The BBA degree has 13 core courses common to all undergraduate majors where course embedded assessments are conducted, and the list of core course coordinators is also provided.
The BBA Program Goals link has a detailed listing of curricular goals and the rotation of goals measured in core courses each year. The Alignment Grid shows which specific goals are covered and assessed in each of the 13 core courses.
The Direct Assessment Results link provides reports compiled and published by the McCoy College Assessment Committee detailing the results of course-embedded assessments. Observations and recommendations of the Committee are provided for consideration of the faculty, the McCoy College Curriculum Committee, the College Council and other constituents.
The survey reports published by the Assessment Committee are available at the Indirect Assessment Results link. These assessment results are derived from the Texas State University Alumni Survey, the McCoy College Graduating Senior Survey, the Employer Survey and the McCoy College Faculty Survey. All published reports contain observations and recommendations of the Assessment Committee.