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The Assessment Guide is the primary document for assessment processes and procedures in the College and should be the one examined by those interested in our assessment program. The document is divided into four sections:

  • The importance of assessment to faculty and other constituents and includes the mission, vision and values of the College. 
  • The assessment process for direct (course-embedded) assessment of student learning and lists the indirect assessment measures used to corroborate the results of direct assessments. 
  • Frequently asked questions concerning assessment processes and procedures written specifically for McCoy College faculty. 
  • Web links and other references for faculty who want additional information on assessment practices, procedures and tools.

The Assessment Flowchart link contains two flowcharts used by the College:

The PowerPoint presentation link contains the BBA slides used for presentation of the College assessment program to internal and external constituents. Other presentations, including the six principles of the scholarship of teaching, may be obtained from the McCoy College Assessment Committee.

The full text of the AACSB-International standards for accreditation is included in the AACSB Learning Standards, and the sections pertinent to assessment and assurance of learning are highlighted in yellow in the document.

The Assessment Policies links contain the two specific McCoy College Policy and Procedure Statements for planning, developing, monitoring and assessing undergraduate and graduate curricula. All McCoy College Policy and Procedure Statements are available at