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Undergraduate Scholarships

McCoy College of Business Scholarships

McCoy College scholarships are specifically for business majors and are awarded on an annual basis. Awards are applied to fall and spring semesters only.

All business and bachelor of art economics majors, who will graduate in December 2017 or later, are eligible for McCoy College scholarships.

Accounting majors are eligible for scholarships from external organizations.  If you would like to be considered for these scholarships be sure to complete and submit both the Application Supplement form for accounting majors found online and the Undergraduate Scholarship Application form. 

If you have questions, you may ask any departmental representative to the Scholarship Committee:

  • Dr. Mina Pizzini (ACC), McCoy Hall 441, 245-3227, wjp23
  • Dr. Marcos Sivitanides (CIS), McCoy Hall 410, 245-3177, ms06
  • Dr. Bruce McClung (ECO/FIN), McCoy Hall 514, 245-3220, bm03
  • Dr. Cecilia Temponi (MGT), McCoy Hall 548, 245-3189, ct01
  • Dr. Karen Smith (MKT), McCoy Hall 422, 245-3192, ks07

Completed applications should be turned in to the McCoy College Dean's Office, McCoy Hall 530 by no later than Monday, February 6, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.

All business majors are eligible for the following scholarships:

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Bradley T. Ambroson Endowed Scholarship

Full-time student in good academic standing; must be an active member of a Greek community; So/Jr/Sr

Colleen & John Aspinwall Endowed Scholarship of Merit

Full-time student; overall strength of application

Richard and Kathy Clay Endowed Scholarship

Full-time student; minimum 3.0 GPA; demonstrated financial need; ineligible for grants or other university scholarships

Austin Conant and Kristin Conant Family Scholarship

Full-time student, minimum 3.0 GPA, must be a U.S. citizen

Thomas L. and Helen E. Cox Endowed Scholarship

Minimum 3.0 GPA; preference in order of importance – native born Texas, Texas resident, child of military or enrolled in ROTC; all others

Dan and Cindee Diepenhorst Family Endowed Scholarship

Varsity student athlete, full-time student, minimum 2.75 GPA

James H. and Helen S. Dotson Family Scholarship

Minimum 3.0 TXST GPA; Freshman must be top quarter or 1200 SAT with financial need

John & Matt Edgar Endowed Scholarship

Minimum 3.0 GPA, varsity athlete; junior or senior

John & Matt Edgar Second Endowed Scholarship

Minimum 3.0 GPA, academic achievement, overall strength of application

John and Susan Ferrari Family Endowed Scholarship

Minimum 3.0 overall GPA, full-time student, varsity student athlete

Robert A. Hatcher Memorial Scholarship

Full-time student; minimum 2.5 GPA; demonstrated financial need; Open to sophomores, juniors and seniors

H.E.B. Endowed Scholarship

Full-time student; minimum 2.75 GPA, must have an interest in food retailing; preference for student organization; leadership involvement and related food retail work experience; open to juniors, seniors and grad students

Sue Ellen Henderson Financial Assistance Award

Demonstrate financial need; in good standing , minimum 2.0 GPA

Hispanic Business Student Association-Cecilia Temponi Scholarship

Separate application is required. Full-time student; can be any major but must be an active member of HBSA; academic achievement; involvement in extra-curricular activities

Will Holder Endowed Scholarship

Minimum 3.0 overall GPA, full-time student, from Hays or Harris County

Bobby and Michelee Kanz Endowed Scholarship

Minimum 2.75 overall GPA; resident of Texas with preference given to Fayette, Fort Bend, or Comal County

Kanz-Yarbrough Family Endowed Scholarship

Minimum 3.0 overall GPA, full-time student; preference to residents of Comal, Fayette or Bexar County

J.C. Kellam Memorial Scholarship

Masters degree student enrolled in minimum of 6 hours, in good academic standing, work-related experience, leadership or service activity

Latham J. Kerley Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship

Full-time student; academic excellence; leadership ability; demonstrated financial need

The Herbert and Johanna Liebscher Foundation Endowed Scholarship

Minimum 3.0 GPA, academic merit; graduate of a Comal County high school (including home school); preference for Finance/Accounting/Economics major; 2nd preference for graduate business student

Kenneth Long Memorial Scholarship

Full-time student; 2.5 overall GPA; demonstrated financial need

Jesse & Betty Luxton Endowed Scholarship

Texas resident; open to sophomores, juniors and seniors, minimum 2.75 GPA; degree of financial need, can be renewed with completion of at least 24 credit hours, minimum 2.75 GPA and continued financial need.

Mark A. Middleton Endowed Scholarship

Full-time student; assistance from Office of Disability Services; financial need certified by Financial Aid office

Jerry L. Moore Endowed Presidential Scholarship

Open to Business majors with a minimum 3.0 GPA, emphasis on essay and community service work; renewable beginning in sophomore year; Fr/So/Jr/Sr

Harold G. Oldham Memorial Scholarship

Full-time student; minimum 3.0 GPA; preference to  student who does not qualify for financial assistance; Jr/Sr

Robert J. Olney Endowed Undergrauate Scholarship

Open to students who prove academic excellence, leadership ability and financial need

Dan Pearson Endowed Scholarship

Freshman scholarship; must show proof of academic achievement

Presidential Upper Level Scholarship

Separate application required; full-time; must have completed 60 hrs, 30 hrs at Texas State; based on high academic achievement, leadership may be considered; ineligible if receiving any other financial assistance generated from student fees

Ralph B. Rushing Scholarship in Business Administration

Minimum 3.0 GPA; demonstrated financial need; resident of Texas; graduate of Texas high school; preference to Harlingen , Cameron County or lower Rio Grande Valley

Dempsey Serur Business Scholarship

Full-time student; 3.0 minimum GPA; preference to Nueces, Aransas, Dallas, Hays or San Patricio County or region known as South Texas; demonstrated financial need

Nancy Wagner Stuart Endowed Scholarship

Full-time student, minimum 3.0 GPA, must be a U.S. citizen

Stanley K. Tanger Scholarship Fund

Must be a Sophomore or Junior, minimum 3.0 TXST GPA

Lawrence E. and Bonnie Nance Tilton Scholarship

Full-time student; academic merit; must be a junior, senior or achieving an MBA

Guillermo Antonio Wolff Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Minimum GPA 3.2, preference for Hispanic or Asian minority

Gary V. Woods Endowment Scholarship

Academic achievement; overall strength of application

The following scholarships are designated for specific business majors:

Farm Credit Bank of Texas Business Scholarship - ACC/FIN/MGT/MKT

Completed 30 hours with minimum 3.0 GPA; demonstrated financial need; US citizen or permanent resident alien; preference to historically underrepresented populations

Daniel and Lucy Davila Endowed Scholarship - ACC/FIN

Preferences to Accounting majors, overall strength of application

Diane Eure Endowed Scholarship in Accounting - ACC

Full-time student, minimum 3.0 overall GPA; must be a member of NABA, Accounting Club or BAP, completion of 6 hrs of accounting; preference given to active participation or leadership in accounting organization in order above and financial need

Jack Eure Endowed Scholarship in Marketing & Management - MGT/MKT

Full-time student, completion of 3 hrs of management and 3 hrs of marketing, minimum 3.0 overall GPA, preference of financial need and active in student organization leadership acivities

Ralph N. Gassman Memorial Scholarship - MGT/MKT

Full-time student, management/marketing major; minimum 3.0 overall GPA

Accounting Club Endowed Scholarship - ACC

Undergraduate accounting student with at least one semester remaining, minimum 2.75 GPA; active membership in accounting organization activities

Accounting Club Endowed Graduate Scholarship - MAcy

Graduate accounting student with at least one semester remaining; 2.75 minimum GPA; active membership in accounting organization activities

Charles R. Bracy CPA Memorial Scholarship in Accounting - ACC

Full-time; minimum 2.5 overall GPA; active member of Accounting Club, BAP, Tau Alpha Chi, NABA, OR National Assoc. of Accountants

Otis G. Reese Scholarship - ACC

Full-time student; minimum 3.0 GPA; preference to children of parents affiliated with Texas State

Thelma O. and Chester H. Byram Scholarship - CIS

First preference to CIS major, second to Computer Science major; overall strength of application; must be a junior or senior

James R. Cook Endowed CIS Scholarship - CIS

must be a junior or senior; minimum 3.25 GPA

Marvin A. Johnston Excellence Award - CIS

Outstanding undergraduate chosen by the department

Stan and Judy Stephenson Scholarship Fund - CIS

Minimum 3.0 - 3.5 GPA; transfer student; preference to historically undeserved population

Mildred R. Englert Scholarship - ECO/FIN

Full-time student; minimum 2.5 GPA; demonstrated financial need

Paul R. Gowens Scholarship - ECO/FIN

Participation in service/student organizations; demonstrated financial need; 3.0 overall GPA

State Farm Insurance Company - ECO/FIN

historically underserved students interested in careers in the insurance industry, preference to a female

Celia A. Morgan Scholarship - ECO/FIN

Minimum 3.25 GPA; female; must be a junior or senior

V. Howard Savage Memorial Award - ECO/FIN

May be used for scholarship or participation/attendance at academic or professional conference

Carolyn Barkley Scholarship in Marketing - MKT

Minimum 3.0 GPA; can be renewed; marketing major

Jack W. Farley Business Scholarship - MKT

Minimum 3.0 TXST GPA; outstanding academic achievement

Leland Wilson Scholarship in Marketing - MKT

Must be a junior or senior; Full-time student; completed at least six hours of marketing courses; minimum 3.0 overall GPA