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Research Committee

Coordinates the McCoy College research grants program, including the distribution of the call for proposals, evaluation of proposals, and recommendations for funding to the Associate Dean. Collects and evaluates follow-up reports from funded research projects. Coordinates the public presentation to McCoy College faculty of research results from funded proposals. Recommends and coordinates other activities to foster quality scholarly activity for all McCoy College faculty. Recommends candidates for the Woods Research Award. Establishes research goals and standards of research quality for Peer Reviewed Journals and Other Intellectual Contributions.

 Membership 2017-18

Term Expires

ACC Dr. Mina Pizzini 8-31-19
CIS/QMST Dr. Tahir Ekin 8-31-19
FIN/ECO Dr. Diego Vacaflores 8-31-19
MGT Dr. Micki Kacmar 8-31-19
MKT Dr. Jeremy Sierra, Chair 8-31-18
  Dr. Todd Jewell, ex-officio