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Online Learning Committee

The proposed goal of the McCoy College Online Learning Committee is to help provide support for business faculty and staff involved in teaching or developing online or hybrid courses. This may include things such as learning about the tools, methodologies and paradigm changes associated with online learning and providing a forum for discussing and documenting best practices.

 Membership 2017-18

Term Expires

ACC Ms. Alex Hampshire 8-31-19
CIS/QMST Ms. Jennifer Krou 8-31-19
FIN/ECO Dr. Janet Payne 8-31-19
MGT Dr. Yvonne Eixmann 8-31-19
MKT Mr. Ken Murdock 8-31-19
  Mr. Sherwood Bishop, Chair (ex-officio)
  Mr. Chris Stampley (ex-officio)  
  Dr. David Wierschem (ex-officio)