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Graduate Policies Committee


Serves in an advisory capacity to the Associate Dean for Graduate Business Programs. Reviews standards for admission, retention and on-going enrollment issues. Evaluates candidate applications for admission to the MBA program. Evaluates MBA student appeals and recommends action to Associate Dean. Reviews proposals for new graduate courses and changes to existing courses. Undertakes a major review and revision of the MBA curriculum at least every five years. Works with Assessment Committee to ensure appropriate data are collected from all pertinent stakeholders necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of graduate programs. Evaluates the data and makes recommendations about program changes to the dean, the College council, and, where appropriate, the faculty. Specifies learning goals for the MBA program. Collects and monitors core course syllabi on a regular basis to determine the coverage of topics in core courses to ensure it is in keeping with identified program goals. Works with departments to submit documentation for new or revised graduate courses. Evaluates and recommends nominees for graduate awards and scholarships.

 Membership 2017-18

Term Expires

ACC Dr. Keith Kebodeaux 8-31-19
CIS/QMST Dr. Francis Mendez 8-31-19
FIN/ECO Dr. Andrew Ojede 8-31-20
MGT Dr. Dennis Smart, Chair 8-31-20
MKT Dr. Ravi Jillipalli 8-31-20
  Dr. Bill Chittenden, ex-officio