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Assurance of Learning Committee

Coordinates the assessment of the quality of all undergraduate educational programs. Works with the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee to evaluate approaches to assessing student learning outcomes. Develops, distributes and tabulates surveys designed to collect assessment data from stakeholders including current and graduating students, alumni, employers, faculty and others, as necessary. Selects and implements assessment methods. Reports results and recommendations to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee and CBAC.

 Membership 2017-18

Term Expires

ACC Ms. Elizabeth Ponder 8-31-19
CIS/QMST Dr. Vivek Shah 8-31-19
FIN/ECO Dr. Vance Lesseig, Chair 8-31-20
MGT Dr. Melissa Baucus 8-31-20
      for Dr. Susan Kirby (fall '17)
MKT Dr. Kenneth Murdock 8-31-20
  Dr. David Wierschem, ex-officio