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April 20, 2010: Mr. Waylon Peele

CEO and founder, Peele Industries

Waylon Peele is the CEO and Founder of Peele Industries, a tech start-up located in Austin, TX. Waylon is a senior at Texas State earning a degree in finance at the McCoy College of Business, where he is also an active member in the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO). Most of the initial motivation for taking his business from an “idea” to an actual business can be attributed to his attendance at the CEO National Conference in Chicago in October 2009. With the entrepreneurial energy boost he received from the conference, Waylon started making his company a reality as of late December 2009.
Waylon has always been fascinated with big business, inventions, the stock market, new technological advances and thinking outside of the box. Before starting his business, he practiced Real Estate in Austin (still does if he finds time), was a full time analyst at First Commercial Bank for a year and a half, and a water-ski instructor on Lake McQueeney in the summer of 2006 and 2007.
Waylon Peele

Waylon comes from a family of successful entrepreneurs; his step-father, Charles Morin, owns several small businesses including car washes, antique stores, sports stores and a Texas art gallery. His uncle, John Mackey, is the CEO and co-founder of Whole Foods Market. Waylon looks up to both of them for their achievements and success in the business world.