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September 8, 2015: Mr. Scott Lindsey

Director of Operations, Satmodo, LLC

Scott J. Lindsey is the co-founder and Director of Operations for Satmodo LLC, a partnership based in San Diego, CA, specializing in satellite telecom rentals and sales. Since launching in April 2013, Satmodo has provided service, support, and equipment to thousands of clients worldwide, including government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, celebrities, military, and private citizens.

Prior to launching Satmodo, Mr. Lindsey worked in a variety of fields, including wireless telecom, insurance, and higher education. He also played an integral part in launching and developing the satellite phone company, All Road Sat, in 2005.

Mr. Lindsey was born in Texas. Although he was raised in a military family and was required to relocate frequently, he was able to graduate from high school in Woodsboro, Texas after his father retired from the Army. Mr. Lindsey is a graduate of Texas State University and a proud Bobcat. He received his B.B.S. in Management in 2004.