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October 14, 2014: CK Chin

General Manager/Partner, Swift's Attic

C.K. Chin earned his Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Texas A&M University, While studying he worked his way up at local bars and eventually fell in love with the hospitality industry. Describing himself as a natural host, Chin says what ultimately persuaded him to leave his path to elementary education and begin restaurant management was the constant interaction with people.

“You get the chance to meet people from all walks of life in this job, many of which you would never meet otherwise,” says Chin.

C.K. finds daily inspiration and drive from those who surround him, including co-workers, staff members and customers. He firmly believes that those who work in the restaurant industry wear a variety of hats, including (but not limited to) that of a therapist, friendly face, comforting shoulder, character reference, accountability partner and alibi. C.K. currently serves as Partner for Swift’s Attic in Austin. It is his ability to flawlessly transform into any role and his intrinsic need to multi-task that has led him to such success in his career.

When not handling the restaurant’s daily operations, C.K. spends his time cooking, enjoying live music, reading, playing basketball and most importantly, enriching his life with the company of good friends.