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November 13, 2012: Mr. Adam Butcher

Vice President, Land OperationsA. Butcher

Adam Butcher is the Vice President and Co-Owner of Eagle Land Services, Inc., a privately owned Texas based oil & gas brokerage firm.  Adam oversees all land operations for various projects throughout the nation and has provided leadership to over 1,000 landmen since the formation of Eagle with individual projects of up to 250 landmen at any given time.  His industry knowledge covers states such as Texas, Arkansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Louisiana, Mississippi, Colorado and Wyoming.


Prior to the formation of Eagle Land Services, Inc., Adam developed his industry knowledge by working for Petro-Land Group, Inc. and Carla Petroleum as a petroleum landman in Texas plays such as the Fort Worth Basin and Permian Basin.  His duties included title research, oil and gas leasing, mapping and data management.  From these experiences, Adam was able to envision and mold what is known today as one of Texas’ oldest land companies, Eagle Land Services, Inc.


In addition to Eagle's actual land management functions, Adam is also responsible for a significant portion of Eagle's new business development and marketing strategies.  He also leads Eagle's community education and town hall meetings and is also an active participant in all of our philanthropic endeavors.


Adam is married to Amber Butcher and a proud father of two sons, Nathan and Walker.  Adam received a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Texas State University and doubled majored with a Bachelor’s in History/Political Science.  He is also a Registered Professional Landman of the American Association of Professional Landmen.