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Highlights of 2012 Business Leadership Week


Business Leadership Week 2012:

How Does the First Amendment Apply to Business?

Speakers and Highlights

Keynote Speaker: Anthony Griffin, Civil Rights Attorney

Anthony Griffin During his time as a lawyer, Anthony Griffin has handled several controversial and high-profile cases.  One he is well known for is when he challenged prayer at public school football games in a case that went to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Another well known case is his fight to protect the First Amendment rights of a Ku Klux Klan member.  A graduate of the University of Houston's law school, Mr. Griffin has maintained his practice in Galveston, TX, since 1978. 

Executive Leadership Panel

Dennis Broughton Amy Smith Brian McCoy Joe Ptak

Dennis Broughton

Amy Smith Brian McCoy Joe Ptak

Student Organization Mini-Case Competition

Student organizations who have entered the competition will be given a week to read through a case study about the first amendment rights and ethical implications of a well recognized television show.  The students will then present their reaction during a short presentation at a chance to win money towards their organization.

Interactive Fair

Students experience interactive exhibits related to the First Amendment theme, view historical art pieces, discover what the first amendment is really all about, and learn about the free speech movement. 

Business Student Organization Leadership Fair

Learn about the business organizations and how they contribute to leadership by stopping by the fair.  You will have the chance to mingle with representatives from the various organizations.

Etiquette Dinner with Diane Gottsman

Students obtain useful tools on appropriate behaviors, acceptable norms and etiquette in the business environment. Student's learn the skills necessary to put themselves and those they interact with at ease in professional dining situations.

Social Media Open Forum with Microsoft's Jason Hinds

Jason Hinds, Global Program Manager for Online Services at Microsoft Corporation has ample experience dealing with first amendment issues and prospective clients.  He has dealt with issues of "online freedom" from a business perspective with clients in North and South America and joins us to discuss such issues in an open forum setting. What are the issues with privacy on the web?  Do you really have freedom of speech on Facebook and Twitter?

Leadership Institute Annual Conference

The primary purpose of the conference is to bring together students from diverse backgrounds to learn leadership skills, engage students in values-based activities that foster ethical leadership development, build a unified community, cultivate social responsibility, and inspire students to adopt a new way of life while expanding their leadership potential.

Beta Gamma Sigma Celebration *free cupcakes*

Beta Gamma Sigma's celebrates its Founders Day and 15th year as a Chapter at Texas State!

Guest Speakers

Paul Bulmahn

Paul Bulmahn, Founder of ATP Oil and Gas, donated $1.5 million to create the T. Paul Bulmahn Research and Trading Lab in McCoy Hall.  The lab is a state-of-the-art facility that allows students to experience a "real World" trading room. Join us to learn about his real world experience in the Oil and Gas industry.

Rick and Stephanie Ertel

Not only do attorneys, Rick and Stephanie Ertel of Richard R. Ertel, P.C., have extensive backgrounds as lawyers and in the field of economics, but they are also known for having built an entirely 'green' house. Join them as they share their thoughts on 'corporate personhood' and how their new and unique way of life has created opportunities for leadership and social responsibility.

Kim McMath

Kim McMath of ST-ERICSSON, Inc. will be sharing her experience with students in Round Rock to conclude Business Leadership Week.

Jeff Moore

Jeff Moore started up a consulting company called Moore Leadership and joins us during Business Leadership Week to share his experience as an entrepreneur.

Shawn Morris

Shawn Morris, Manager of Talent Development at Cox Media Group, recruits, hires, and trains sales people who come to work for Cox's San Antonio radio stations.  Since he graduated in 1996, he's been working in the media sales industry in both TV and Radio companies. 

Troy Nalls

Troy Nalls

Entrepreneur, teacher, coach, speaker, military veteran and proud husband and father, Troy Nalls is a dynamic speaker that will uplift the audience while giving sound practical advice on how to overcome adversity and blaze your own path to success at not only business but life! Mr. Nalls is a lifelong entrepreneur starting his first business venture in the 4th grade and continuing to start and sell several business throughout his career.  His current venture, Third Cousin Media, allows him to work with individuals from various companies.

Kathie Schwerdtfeger

Kathie Schwerdfteger of Deloitte & Touche LLP will be joining students during an Accounting Club meeting.  All students interested are welcome to attend. "Free Speech, Privacy and Data Security" are the topics of Schwerdtfeger's lecture.  This Texas State alum has worked for the State Auditor's Office prior to joining Deloitte as a partner.   Her presentation will include differences between state, industry, and public accounting concerns for data in the digital age.

Christine Tusa

Christine Tusa is a Texas State alumn who started up Tusa Fitness, a successful business in Austin, TX that offers clients wellness programs to fit their needs. She focuses on women's health education.

Events Included:

o   Keynote Speaker: Mr. Anthony Griffin, Civil Rights Attorney

     o  Executive Leadership Panel

    o  Dennis Broughton, SVP of Internal Consulting Company for Koch Industries

    o  Amy Smith, News Editor for the Austin Chronicle

    o  Brian McCoy, CEO of McCoy Corporation

    o  Joe Ptak, Manager

o  Mini-Case Competition for Student Organizations

o   Interactive Fair in McCoy

o   Etiquette Dinner with Diane Gottsman, Founder of The Protocol School of Texas


Other Guest Speakers Included:

o   Paul Bulmahn, Founder of ATP Oil and Gas

o   Blake Hastings, VP of San Antonio Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

o   Barry Andrews, Founder of Andrews Distributing

o   Jeff Moore, Founder of Moore Leadership

o   Christine Tusa, Founder of Tusa Fitness

o   Troy Nalls. Entrepreneur

o  Rick and Stephanie Ertel, Attorneys for Richard R. Ertel, P.C.

o   Shawn Morris, Manager of Talent Development at Cox Media Group

o   Kathie Schwerdtfeger, Partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP


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..........Student Feedback..........

Leadership Panel -

“The presentation and discussion made me feel better prepared for my future career.”

Guest Lecture: Shawn Morris, Cox Media Group -

“I really enjoyed this speaker.  He had a lot of good information that was relatable to our age.  I learned the dos and don’ts of an interview.”

 Student Organization Mini-Case Competition -

“I enjoyed the practice of leading a team and thinking about business from a different perspective.  It was a very interesting case.” 

 Guest Speaker: Kathie Schwerdtfeger, Deloitte & Touche LLP -

“I learned how important ethics are in today’s world and what is expected in today’s corporate culture.”

 Keynote Speaker: Mr. Anthony Griffin, Civil Rights Attorney -

“Mr. Griffin provided an amazingly relevant and insightful speech.  The presentation was great!  I learned that risks are necessary when striving to achieve.  Go for the things you believe in!” 

A special thank you to Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union, Business Leadership Week's GOLD STAR Sponsor and to the Student Service Fee Committee at Texas State University for their generous support of Business Leadership Week 2012.