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2015 Business Leadership Week

BLW 2015

The theme for 2015 was meant to engage students and the local community on the topic of diversity and the impact it has in business.

Some highlights of the week included an interactive business organization leadership fair, a mini-case competition student organizations competed in, an etiquette dinner, leadership panel and several guest speakers.

Approximately 3,940 attendees participated in events throughout the week.

Events Included:

Alumni Panel: Ms. Calynn Perkins, Marketing & DECA Teacher, Magnolia High School (class of 2010), Mr. Michael Tucker, Search Engine Marketing Manager at Idera (class of 2012), and Mr. Donald Wolfskill, Realtor for Prudential Don Johnson Co. (class of 2012)

Bloomberg Businessweek Mini-Case Competition. The case study was based on Bloomberg Businessweek article The Gender Pay Gap Isn’t Closing, Just Ask AMD’s First Female CEO

Student Organizations:

  • American Marketing Association (AMA)
  •  Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO)
  • McCoy College Ambassadors (MCA)
  • McCoy College Bobcat Net Impact
  • Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Distinguished Lecture: Irma Martinez, former Senior Human Resources Leader, IBM

Etiquette Dinner with Diane Gottsman, Founder of The Protocol School of Texas

Executive Leadership Panel, and the prompt question asked to each panelist:

  • Dr. Gilda Garcia, Chief Diversity Officer and Director of Equity and Access, Texas State University
    • What are the responsibilities and challenges you face(d) in your position as Chief Diversity Officer at Texas State? 
    • What backlash (if any) did you see across the Texas State campus when it was announced the university became a Hispanic Serving Institution?
  • Dr. Herman Horn, Operations Director, Health and Human Services Civil Rights Office
    • Responded to the above two questions (due to shared professional role at Texas State)
    • With the topic of diversity becoming widespread in recent years, have you seen a shift or change in the number of complaints within the Health and Human Services Civil Rights office? Have you seen an increase or decrease?
  • Ms. Angeles Valenciano, Executive Vice President, National Diversity Council
    • What types of programs or professional development opportunities can businesses implement to spread cultural awareness?

Keynote Speaker: Mr. Felix Sanchez, Chief Executive Officer of Terra Com; Chairman and Co-Founder of the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts. Mr. Sanchez spoke on Latino representation in the arts and media and his own professional experiences with diversity and inclusion.

Guest Speakers Included:

  • Alfonzo Alexander – Chief Relationship Officer, NASBA and President, NASBA’s Center for Public Trust
  • Amos McDonald – District Retail Executive, BBVA Compass
  • Ben Nelson – 39th Rector, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
  • Bonnie Baskin – Founder and Chair, Board of Hill Country Science Mill
  • Brian McCoy – CEO, McCoy’s Building Supply
  • Brice Loving – Customer Sales Analyst, Bayer HealthCare
  • Catherine Shellman – CEO, LOVE (Leaving Out Violence Everywhere)
  • Chief Bob Klett – Operations Assistant Chief, City of San Marcos Police Department
  • Christine Kutnick – CEO, Hemlets
  • Christy Muse – Executive Director, Hill Country Alliance
  • Dan O’Connell - professional investor and founder of Golder Center for Private Equity, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
  • Darren Scrimpshire – Vice President, MassMutual South Texas
  • Gregory Okeson – Audit Manager, First Data Corporation
  • Joshua Home – General Manager, Cintas Corporation
  • Liudmila Litvinova – Professional Athlete
  • Matt Kilstrom – Store Team Leader, Target
  • Meagan McCoy Jones – Senior VP and COO, McCoy’s Building Supply
  • Mike Myers – Consultant, Myers Verde Company
  • Morgan Craven – Attorney, Texas Appleseed
  • Rodney Klein – Outreach and Training Manager, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Ron Kelley – Motivational Speaker and CEO, Konfident Enterprises
  • Sam Bonds – Creative Director, Sanders\Wingo
  • Stephen Collins – General Agent – MassMutual South Texas
  • Steve Sizemore – Audit Manager, Texas Health and Human Services Commission

View the details from the week on the official website

………. Student Feedback ……….


Alumni Panel -

"I learned that there are many ways to get to where you need to go. It doesn't just fall within one linear path by what most people try to make you believe but instead falls through different ones as well as the diversity of all the potential jobs that are offered to us. Overall, it just helped me to see more that is out there that I wasn't well aware of before, a must see for everyone. These should be offered more often."

"They should provide these more often within the year and not only during one week or one general time frame so we can be constantly reminded on what our path is that we are going on as well as to keep motivation to continue to stay on this path. Overall I enjoyed the speakers and enjoyed the information they had to tell."

Bloomberg Businessweek Mini-Case Competition -

"Working on the case competition was a great experience overall. It was interesting to take a topic that I am passionate about- equality- and analyze it from a business perspective. I would absolutely recommend competing in this event."

Cultural Awareness Workshop -

"Overall, the training was extremely beneficial. I learned a lot of techniques to better understand people from different backgrounds."

Distinguished Lecture Irma Martinez -

"When looking at a new group, don't expect similarities, but differences. This will lead to synergy and allow for change and progression that is necessary in the world."

"I learned a major part of business today is dealing with diversity. As the business world is evolving into this salad bowl, just as America is part of dealing with that diversity is making everyone feel included despite the differences had. The speaker each talked about how diversity 20 years ago is much different from the issues we face with diversity today, but that the reason they have been about to sustain is through everyone working together. When everyone works together the levels of being productive increases and as a whole makes everything else better."

Guest Speaker: Alfonzo Alexander -

"Thoroughly enjoyed it! Would recommend it to non-accounting majors as well in an attempt to broaden their understanding of the accounting field, and its opportunities."

"I learned that the workplace is becoming a more racially diversified environment. This is a good thing because it both increases the talent pool, and enhances customer relations."

Guest Speaker- Dr. Ron Kelley -

"Dr. Kelley was a phenomenal guest speaker. I would recommend him to any event to students who want to better themselves and for helpful resources."

"Best speaker I've ever had the pleasure to listen to."

Guest Speaker- Christy Muse -

"I found this particular event interesting because her presentation tied very much into what we do in that class and showed me how I could use things learned from class in a real world business situation."


Sponsors Included:


A special thank you also goes out to the Student Service Fee Committee and the University Lecturers Committee at Texas State University for supporting Business Leadership Week!