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Highlights of 2011 Business Leadership Week

Speakers and Highlights


Business Leadership Week 2011: Exploring Business Sustainability: Ethics, Environment, Economy, was a huge success. Some of the main highlights of the week included a business sustainability fair, a mini-case competition, an etiquette dinner, and several guest lectures. Over 900 students participated in events throughout the week.  Students were exposed to invaluable information through interactions with vice presidents, CEO's, COO's, managers, entrepreneurs, and directors in the business world. Reviews indicate that students found the information shared to be relevant to their careers, timely to their educational goals and provided them with an advantage for interviews and social situations.

Take a look at these photos from Business Leadership Week 2011!

Monday, February 14 - Thursday, February 17:


Interactive Sustainability Fair: A Look at Local Sustainability 


  • Area businesses, government agencies, and non-profits relating to sustainability were on hand to network with students and guests.
  • In attendance were: The Colorado River Foundation, Sustainable/Edible San Marcos, Randolph Brooks-Federal Credit Union, Texas Disposal Systems, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Texas State Campus Recreation, Texas State Recycling Center, Waste Not San Marcos, and WaterAid - Texas State Chapter.
  • A big hit was the worm compost display from Waste Not San Marcos. Students were intrigued by the benefits of composting their waste food with red wiggler worms to produce high quality compost and fertilizer. Students also got great advice on recycling from the Texas State Recycling Center and the Texas Disposal Systems and tips how to protect our water ways from the Colorado River Foundation and WaterAid.


Monday, February 14:

 Guest Lecture: John Oehlke

"Climbing the Coporate Ladder 


  • During his spotlight address, John Oehlke, Vice-President of Business Transformation, Coca-Cola North America, shared his experiences while working with Coca-Cola for over 23 years. Oehlke's informational yet motivational speech inspired students to persevere and draw on his perspective of success gained from his years of corporate experience. Students learned how hard work, determination, and remaining humble are keys to success.
  • Oehlke shared stories of his experience working at Coca-Cola North America in various areas ranging from Sales Ananlysis and Planning to Packing and Pricing, Field Sales and Marketing Operations, and Customer Marketing.


Tuesday, February 15:

 Guest Lecture: Clay DeStefano 


  • During his guest lecture, Clay DeStefano, Administrative Director of PR and Marketing, Central Texas Medical Centershared very informative and interesting insights on marketing and advertising.


Spotlight Address: Graciela Tiscareño-Sato

 "Entrepreneurial Successes in the Green Economy: Role Models and Innovations from the Latino Community"  

  • Graciela Tiscareño-Sato, Author of Latinnovating: Green American Jobs and the Latinos Creating Them talked about the new green economy and how students can get involved. She shared stories about sustainability businesses started up by members of the Latino community and gave advice on how to successfully run a green business.


Wednesday, February 16:

Etiquette Dinner with Diane Gottsman

  • Diane Gottsman, Founder and Director of The Protocol School of Texas, shared pertinent information with students on how to conduct themselves appropriately during a business dinner.
  • She provided useful tools on appropriate behaviors, acceptable norms and etiquette in the business environment. Student's learned the skills necessary to put themselves and those they interact with at ease in professional dining situations.


Guest Lecture: Suzanne Perkins

 "Entrepreneurial Perspective on Small Business Sustainability "  

  •  Suzanne Perkins, Owner and Chef of Cool Mint Café & Marketdescribed the path that led her to opening the Cool Mint Café and how she combines a healthy, sustainable lifestyle with a thriving business.
  • She discussed the challenges involved with refitting a historical structure, procuring wholesome ingredients, recycling and composting. Perkins summarized how these activities contribute to the company’s commitment to sustainability, emphasizing some of the benefits.


Guest Lecture: Russell Rhoads

 "Interviewing and Resume Tips for Students Interested in Options Trading"  

  • Russell Rhoads, joined us from the Options Institute of the Chicago Board Options Exchange, and shared with students invaluable tips on interviewing and resume writing to help prepare for a career in options trading.


Thursday, February 17:


  Guest Lecture: Jonathan Wilson

"Green Energy" 

  • During his spotlight address, Jonathan Wilson, Manager of Client Development for Summit Energy Servicesshowcased his experience in the green industry, specifically in the area of green energy production. He talked about the impact of the green movement on the real estate industry and the challenges of leading companies towards cost-effective and sustainable energy.


Mini-Case Competition Response Presentation

"Building Sustainable Business"

  •  Six McCoy College student organization teams competed in a mini-case competition. The teams were judged on a written summary of their response and a 7-minute presentation to a classroom of students and a panel of judges.
  • The mini-case was a Herman Miller case titled: "Cradle-to-Cradle Design at Herman Miller: Moving Toward Sustainability"
  • The following student organizations won money towards their student organization for their high quality performance in the mini-case competition: Society for Human Resource Management, American Marketing Association, and Students in Free Enterprise.


Spotlight Address: Celeste Bottorff

"Business Keynote Address"

  • Celeste Bottorff, Vice President of Living Well, Coca-Cola North America gave the keynote address on her perspective and experience with sustainability in business. 


Leadership Panel

"Leadership Issues in Sustainable Business"

  • A panel of executives from various companies discussed their viewpoints and experience on sustainable business leadership. 
  • Panelists included: Brian McCoy, CEO, McCoy Corporation; L. Celeste Bottorff, VP, Living Well, Coca-Cola North America; Anthony Guzaldo, Controller, Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.; Chris O'Connor, COO, Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union.